[ARTICLE] Catching a ride with BlaBlaCar in Russia

To get to the Russian capital from Vladimir, a city 200km east of Moscow, locals who can’t or won’t drive do not have a whole lot of choices. The train is the fastest and most comfortable method, but the prices vary wildly – from RUB600 ($9) to RUB4700 ($70) – depending on the train, and the schedule isn’t the most accommodating. Buses leave the station almost every hour, with a trip costing about RUB450, cheaper than any train ticket. But the experience, like in most cities throughout Russia, isn’t the best one: tickets can only be bought at the crowded and poorly lit bus station or directly from the bus driver, while the buses themselves often feel like they should have been retired from service long ago. Some are newer, but there is no way of knowing which one you will get.

But there is an alternative: since 2014 Russians have been able to use BlaBlaCar, a ridesharing service that connects drivers and passengers.

Vous pouvez lire la suite de cet article sur le site de bne Intellinews.


Author: Fabrice Deprez

Je suis journaliste depuis 2015, un travail qui m'a déjà emmené en Ukraine, en Russie et dans les pays Baltes. Parmi mes (nombreux) intérêts se trouvent les transformations économiques et politiques de la région, les questions internationales et les problématiques digitales. Sinon, j'aime écouter du hip-hop russophone et manger du plov.

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