[ARTICLE] The September 10th gubernatorial elections: What’s the Deal?

On September 10th, 16 Russian regions will hold gubernatorial elections. Nearly all of the leading candidates were named acting governors by Vladimir Putin either this year or last, and there is little doubt that they will secure victory. But the vote, less than a year before the presidential election, will represent a key test for the Kremlin and its gubernatorial favorites. Here’s everything you need to know about the elections, the people running in them, and the regions in which they’re occurring.

You can read the full version of this article on the website of the Bear Market Brief.


Author: Fabrice Deprez

Je suis journaliste depuis 2015, un travail qui m'a déjà emmené en Ukraine, en Russie et dans les pays Baltes. Parmi mes (nombreux) intérêts se trouvent les transformations économiques et politiques de la région, les questions internationales et les problématiques digitales. Sinon, j'aime écouter du hip-hop russophone et manger du plov.

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