On Road to Presidency, Marine Le Pen Gets a Hand from Putin

A version of this article was published on the Bear Market Brief’s website.

It was a nice gift from Moscow. On the 24th of March, the leader of the French far-right party “Front National” and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen met with Vladimir Putin for an hour and a half in the Kremlin, a mere one month before the first round of the presidential election.

The meeting wasn’t expected: Le Pen had come to Russia at the invitation of a Russian MP, and the agenda was focused on committee meetings at the Duma. There, Russian and foreign journalists were left waiting an hour for a press conference that never came, while Le Pen was sneaking to the Kremlin to meet with Putin. A selected few Russian TV channels were there to cover the meeting, which later featured extensively on Russian and international media. Continue reading “On Road to Presidency, Marine Le Pen Gets a Hand from Putin”