[ARTICLE] The September 10th gubernatorial elections: What’s the Deal?

On September 10th, 16 Russian regions will hold gubernatorial elections. Nearly all of the leading candidates were named acting governors by Vladimir Putin either this year or last, and there is little doubt that they will secure victory. But the vote, less than a year before the presidential election, will represent a key test for the Kremlin and its gubernatorial favorites. Here’s everything you need to know about the elections, the people running in them, and the regions in which they’re occurring.

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Dirty Jobs: Being a Governor in Russia is Proving Tough

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It’s a rough time to be a regional governor in Russia. Since last year, arrests and resignations of local leaders have piled up and accelerated in the last few weeks, with five governors gone since February. Described by some as a way for the Kremlin to prepare the presidential elections, whether by pumping “new blood” into Russia’s political system or by demonstrating its will to fight corruption at the highest level, the shake up is putting the regional establishment into a difficult position. Continue reading “Dirty Jobs: Being a Governor in Russia is Proving Tough”