[ARTICLE] ‘Spiteful Tongues’: How Telegram became the go-to place for Russian political gossip

Russian political scientist Leonid Davidov enjoys a large following on the web, with nearly 60 000 followers on Twitter, 19 000 on Vkontakte and 36 000 people on Facebook reading his various analyses on regional politics.

But the 19 000 people who follow him on Telegram come for something different, that Davidov only shares on the messaging app: short messages that usually start with “spiteful tongues are saying that…”, and then give the latest rumours on upcoming promotions or firing of state officials, or more generally on events about Russian politics.

The rumours don’t always materialize, but they do hit the mark sometimes: on the 2d of February, “Davidov.index”, the name of his channel, wrote that the governor of the Perm region would not run in the next elections. Three anonymous sources told the same thing to the Rain TV station on the 5th, before the governor officially announced it on the 6th.

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Author: Fabrice Deprez

Je suis journaliste depuis 2015, un travail qui m'a déjà emmené en Ukraine, en Russie et dans les pays Baltes. Parmi mes (nombreux) intérêts se trouvent les transformations économiques et politiques de la région, les questions internationales et les problématiques digitales. Sinon, j'aime écouter du hip-hop russophone et manger du plov.

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