[ARTICLE] Russian Athlete Branded a ‘Traitor’ for Competing in Rio Olympics

Internet users in Russia are ganging up on long jumper Darya Klishina for agreeing to compete in the Rio Summer Olympics under a neutral flag. Many on the RuNet believe the athlete’s decision is unpatriotic.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announced on Sunday that it had rejected nearly every Russian athlete’s applications to participate in the Rio Olympics, the latest episode in a long series of scandals surrounding doping in Russian sport. One, however, was spared: Darya Klishina, who lives and trains in the United States and should now be able to compete in Rio under the neutral, Olympic flag.

Vous pouvez lire la suite de cet article sur Global Voices.


Author: Fabrice Deprez

Je suis journaliste depuis 2015, un travail qui m'a déjà emmené en Ukraine, en Russie et dans les pays Baltes. Parmi mes (nombreux) intérêts se trouvent les transformations économiques et politiques de la région, les questions internationales et les problématiques digitales. Sinon, j'aime écouter du hip-hop russophone et manger du plov.

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